NPM International


We have an instruction from God to raise a formidable pool of funds ready to bankroll the propagation of the Gospel to the ends of the end. Therefore, we give both in Cash and through our God-given skills. Luke 22:35

We have received an instruction from God as a Network to sponsor budgets of Nations and through this, bring the Gospel into them. We are committed to committing our cash resources for the propagation of the Gospel with an annual minimum commitment of $500 for members with less than 3 years of professional experience and $1,000 for members with more than 3 years of professional experience. In addition, we are also committed to giving for the Gospel through our God-given skills. The Network, through the its industry Groups, is responsible for putting together paid programs/events using the skills resident in these Groups and all the proceeds are returned into the Mission-Support Funds.

As a Network, we strongly believe that this partnership with God is one of the ways to get God’s commitment to ensuring that our lives is a true expression of the blessing and glory of God.  This way, up is our only direction financially as God is committed to making the base bigger.  We all are excited about this and we believe you are excited also! Don’t be left out, join this move now.

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