NPM International

The Mandate


We have installed a daily prayer altar where we pray for the salvation of souls, the coming revival, Christian Professionals, Missions’ frontline workers and Field evangelists. Matthew 9:37-38


We have an instruction from God to raise a formidable pool of funds ready to bankroll the propagation of the Gospel to the ends of the end. Therefore, we give both in Cash and through our God-given skills. Luke 22:35


As a Network, we act as the representative of Christ at the workplace by being true disciples of Jesus. Matthew 5:16


In the Network, we believe in the strength of a team rather than an individual. As such, we hold each other’s hands as co-professional for exceptional professional journey. For two are better than one… Ecclesiastes 4:9


The GREAT COMMISSION is an on-the-go command and we believe that Christian Professionals should also have the opportunity to obey this command. The GO mandate is that which provide a platform for use to achieve this.


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