NPM International


In the Network, we believe in the strength of a team rather than an individual. As such, we hold each other’s hands as co-professional for exceptional professional journey. For two are better than one… Ecclesiastes 4:9.

One of the areas Christian professionals do attract the unsaved to Jesus is by delivering exceptional outputs at their different places of work. As such, this mandate is centered on the closing any skill-gap for our members. We are determined to see to it that our members are the technocrats in their field of endeavors while representing the Kingdom first-class.

Our team of experienced mentoring faculty has been saddled with the tasks of a monthly mentoring contact carefully designed to cover the most-performance linked skill gap. Through this, we hope to make every member of the Network a veteran all by holding each other’s hand.

You can be part of this also by sending an email to [email protected] indicating your interest in the programme.elit. 


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