NPM International


This mandate is two-edged: the first part, we are raising a Network of Chirstian professional who are standing strong in their field of endeavors as Workplace Evangelist. This we will achieve through our strong faculty of Fathers in the Faith mentoring all our members on issues that make for Character Development and Exceptional Delivery at the Workplace. This way, we believe that our members will not only through their words preached the Gospel but also through their deeds. We are indeed the light of the World and we are committed to this one man at a time.


The second part of this mandate is to have every member of the Network be an ambassador of the Network at their field of Network propagating what God is doing through the network and bringing more Christian professionals to join the Network for greater and growing impact year-on-year. Our dynamic membership soul-impact map creatively paints a picture of how well all our members on this mandate.


As a Network, we act as the representative of Christ at the workplace by being true disciples of Jesus. Matthew 5:16 and we are given to this mandate until the professional space is taken over for Jesus both in numbers and impact on our immediate society. 


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